The BC Regiment (DCO) Association Charitable Trust
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The BC Regiment (DCO) Association Charitable Trust


Bentley, Don
Conradi, Andy
Diamond, Bill
Hawthorne, Michelle
Hawthorne, Ted (Chairman)
McCarthy, Bill
Steacy, Archie


Bursary Program Recipients



2023 Bursary Application

Applications are generally accepted in the fall of each year.
Please request the deadline date for applications this year through your chain of command.

Contact details:

The BC Regiment (DCO) Association Charitable Trust
#208 – 1899 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5C 5T1

Ted Hawthorne, Chairman

Registered Charity Number:

BN Registration 889974622 RR0001

Purposes of the Charitable Trust

  1. to teach and to promote the theory and practice of the principles of good citizenship and co-operation;
  2. to provide scholarships or bursaries to past or present members of The British Columbia Regiment (DCO) (“Regiment”) and its Cadet Corps. Such scholarships or awards may be made to individuals or to another Society or non-profit organization having cognate or similar objects and which are Qualified Donees as defined under the provisions of the Income Tax Act;
  3. to teach and to promote the history of the Regiment, including making available to the public educational material on the history of the Regiment, and to perpetuate the contribution made by the members of the Regiment to society; and
  4. to teach and to promote a public awareness of the place of the Regiment in Canadian history.

Statement of Activities:

  1. to ensure that members of the Regiment and the Cadet Corps are aware of the history of the Regiment and the contribution made by past and present members to the country and the community, through the development and distribution of educational and other resource materials;
  2. to promote the Regiment and the Cadet Corps within the community as an institution that represents the diverse nature of the Canadian public;
  3. to build a scholarship fund to provide scholarships and bursaries to deserving members of the Regiment and Cadet Corps for post-secondary studies;
  4. to install and maintain memorials that recognize the contributions made by the Regiment and its members in peace and war;
  5. to encourage the donation and preservation of artifacts and archival materials to the Regimental Museum for educational and historical purposes;
  6. to receive, manage and disperse monies received through donations and bequests from members of the Association and others;
  7. to cooperate with and provide support to, other military and civilian historical societies and associations in Canada and overseas;
  8. all of the above activities are provided to, or on behalf of, all members of The British Columbia Regiment (DCO) and any Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps sponsored or affiliated with the Regiment; and
  9. all scholarships will be provided on the basis of merit and bursaries on the basis of need, as determined by the Trustees of the Charitable Trust, upon the recommendation of either the Regimental or Cadet Corps Commanding Officers.